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Brazil: ONS releases operational routine on cybersecurity for energy sector

The National Electric System Operator ('ONS') released, on 1 July 2021, the Operational Routine No. RO-CB.BR.01, named Minimum Cyber ​​Security Controls for the Cyber ​​Regulated Environment in Brazil ('OR'). In particular, the OR establishes some cybersecurity controls to be implemented by energy companies and also highlights the necessity of adoption of cybersecurity routines and requirements, in accordance with the deadlines established in the OR. Furthermore, the ONS noted that the OR and the cybersecurity process has been discussed among the electricity sector for several years, in particular by the ONS, the National Electric Energy Agency ('ANEEL'), and Ministry of Mines and Energy ('MME'), due to the relevance of this matter. Moreover, the ONS stated that the OR raises the level of cybersecurity, helping the energy sector and the ONS to create security policies in line with global best practices and established network procedures. Lastly, the OR also establishes the cybersecurity controls to be implemented by energy sector.

Finally, the ONS informs that the OR will enter into force on 9 July 2021.

You can read the pres released here and read the OR here, both only available in Portuguese.