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Brazil: Bill on AI principles referred to Senate Commission

On February 21, 2024, Bill No. 210/2024 introducing principles for the use of artificial intelligence was referred to the Senate Internal Temporary Commission on Artificial Intelligence in Brazil.

What are the main provisions of the bill?

In particular, the bill introduces principles to guide the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the country and defines AI technologies as systems, computer programs, or processes that use digital resources, in whole or in part, to determine results, make or recommend decisions, collect data, or interact with individuals, communities or machines, including statistical methods and data processing via machine learning.

The principles introduced by the bill are:

  • security and effectiveness of systems;
  • protection against algorithmic discrimination;
  • privacy of data and information;
  • right to information; and
  • right to opt for human intervention and the right to oppose.

Additionally, the bill provides for protections to individuals against unsafe or inefficient AI systems and mechanisms to prevent algorithmic discrimination.

You can read the bill here and track its progress here, both only available in Portuguese.