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Brazil: ANPD announces public hearing on small businesses

The Brazilian data protection authority ('ANPD') announced, on 30 August 2021, that it will hold, on 14 and 15 of September 2021, a public hearing on micro and small businesses, as well as for incremental or disruptive business initiatives that declare themselves start-ups or innovation companies, pursuant to Article 55(J)(XVIII) of the Law No. 13.709 of 14 August 2018, General Personal Data Protection Law (as amended by Law No. 13.853 of 8 July 2019) ('LGPD'). In particular, the draft resolution names this group of companies 'small data processing agents'. In addition, the draft resolution highlights the urgent need to adopt simplified and differentiated procedures for this group of companies, thus facilitating compliance of this group to the LGPD and their contribution to the dissemination of the culture of personal data protection in Brazil.

Registration to participate in the public consultation will be available on the Participa + Brasil platform by 29 September 2021. Moreover, the ANPD outlined that individuals and professionals interested in handling oral presentations during the public hearing must register before 6pm on 9 September 2021, here.

You can read the press release here and the draft resolution here, both only available in Portuguese.

UPDATE (30 September 2021)

ANPD postpones deadline for receiving contributions on public consultation on small businesses

The ANPD announced, on 29 September 2021, the postponement by 15 days of the deadline for sending contributions for public consultation on the application rule of the LGPD for micro, small businesses, and startups. Contributions can now be sent until 14 October 2021 through the Participa+Brasil platform. 

You can read the press release here and access the Participa+Brasil's platform here, both only available in Portuguese.