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Belgium: Minister of Civil Service appoints members to Advisory Committee on data ethics and AI

On May 8, 2024, the Minister of Civil Service and the Secretary of State for Digitalization published Ministerial Decree Nº 2024/004813 appointing the members of the Advisory Committee on Data Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.

The Advisory Committee was established by Royal Decree nº 2023045485 of October 4, 2023, and aims to provide scientific advice on ethical, legal, economic, social, and environmental issues concerning artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and related technologies that are used within administration and which may have a significant impact on individual or societal interests.

The Advisory Committee formulates its opinions either at the request of a federal service or a member of the federal government or on its own initiative on behalf of a federal service or a member of the federal government. However, the Advisory Committee's opinions have no regulatory scope and are non-binding.

You can read the ministerial decree here and the royal decree here, both available in Dutch and French.