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Belgium: DPA publishes 2021 annual report

The Belgian Data Protection Authority ('Belgian DPA') published, on 16 November 2022, its annual report for 2021. In particular, the report outlines, among other things, that the amount of complaints that it had received had increased by 181.46% compared to 2020, to a total of 1,928, and that data breach notifications had increased by 36.15% compared to 2020, to 1,432.

Furthermore, the report indicates that the Belgian DPA received 279 requests for opinions and 142 mediation requests, and launched 142 investigations. Moreover, according to the report, the Belgian DPA's Litigation Chamber issued 143 decisions, and the total amount of imposed fines totalled €301,000.

In addition, the Belgian DPA published a new portal, namely '2021 Figures', which displays key statistics from the report regarding its activity in 2021.

You can read the press release in Dutch here and in French here, the report in Dutch here and in French here, and access the new portal in Dutch here and in French here.