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Belgium: DPA announces its 2023 priorities to the Chamber of Representatives

The Belgian Data Protection Authority ('Belgian DPA') issued, on 15 November 2022, a press release communicating to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives its major priorities for the coming year 2023. In particular, the Belgian DPA stated that the following points will be the main priorities for 2023:

  • cookies: since a harmonised position on this subject at European level is currently still lacking, the DPA will strive to formulate its position on cookies even more explicitly;
  • data protection officer ('DPO'): since the DPO is the Belgian DPA's ally on the ground, the DPO will continue to support this crucial role, both in terms of preventive actions (in particular by emphasising the role of the DPO in the exercise of complainants' rights), as well as in the field of control (for example, the Inspectorate will investigate the place of the DPO in organisations that are the subject to an investigation); and
  • smart cities: the Belgian DPA would like to develop prevention actions and enter into dialogue with local actors in the field of smart cities, such as intelligent transport.

You can read the press release here.