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Barbados: Minister announces formulation of national ICT strategy within five years

The Barbados Government ('the Government') announced, on 31 July 2019, that the Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology, Senator Kay McConney, had disclosed that the Government, with the support of the International Telecommunications Union ('ITU'), would formulate a new national ICT strategy in the next five years. In addition, McConney outlined that the proposed framework for the national digital strategy would be organised under five broad pillars utilising an ITU framework, namely rights, connectivity, government, economy, skills and inclusion.

Futhermore, McConney stated, "The process will include the mapping of the existing situation, including the legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as metrics that will provide us with a useful baseline. The process will also allow us to more clearly define the desired future state and conduct a gap analysis to identify key actions required to bring the country from our current state to the desired future state.  The specific actions required to fill existing gaps will be consolidated, pillar by pillar, and will form the basis of the national digital strategy."

You can read the press release here.