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Australia: OAIC publishes joint statement with Australian privacy regulators on privacy and trust

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner ('OAIC') published, on 29 April 2022, a joint statement with the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, Office of the Information Commissioner (Queensland), Privacy Committee of South Australia, Ombudsman Tasmania, and Information Commissioner of the Northern Territory. In particular, the statement highlights that privacy authorities from around Australia are joining together to highlight privacy as the foundation of trust between the community, businesses, and government agencies.

In this regard, the statement adds that as the digital economy continues to grow, services go online and organisations consider new ways of handling personal information, there is the opportunity to build on the fundamental role that good privacy practices play in making these initiatives a success. As such, the statement elaborates that one of the key messages from the Australian privacy regulators is that better privacy protections are not just a tool to prevent harms, but also an enabler of better services and stronger relationships between the community, businesses, and government agencies.

Finally, the statement adds that Australia's privacy authorities will continue to work together to uphold privacy protections and promote awareness of rights and the responsibilities of individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

You can read the statement here.