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Arizona: Governor signs bill relating to telephone solicitations

On April 12, 2023, House Bill 2498 for an Act amending Section 44-1282 of the Arizona Revised Statutes; Relating to Telephone Solicitation, was signed into law by the Governor of Arizona.

In particular, the bill provides that a seller, solicitor, or anyone acting on behalf of a seller or solicitor shall not initiate an outbound telephone solicitation call or text message to any telephone number if the telephone number is entered in the National do-not-call registry established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), except any telephone solicitation that would be authorized or permitted by federal law or regulation relating to a telephone solicitation, or to calls made by or on behalf of a seller or solicitor who is licensed pursuant to Chapter 20 of Title 32 of the Arizona Revised Statutes if the calls are made:

  • in regard to a past or present employment agreement with the consumer and who is calling in regard to a subject reasonably related to the employment agreement;
  • in response to a referral from a natural person with whom the consumer has a personal relationship; and
  • in response to an express request or permission of a consumer whose telephone number is entered in the National do-not-call registry.

Any violation of the above provisions is considered an unlawful practice and the Attorney General (AG) may investigate, take appropriate action, and may impose a civil penalty not exceeding $1,000 per violation.

You can read the bill here and its legislative history using the tracker here.