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Arizona: Bill to amend breach notification requirements signed by Governor

The Arizona Governor, signed, on 29 March 2022, House Bill ('HB') 2146 to amend §18-552 of the Arizona Revised Statutes relating to data security breaches. In particular, HB 2146 now requires that, for breach notification of more than 1,000 individuals, notifications should be made to the three largest consumer reporting agencies, the Attorney General ('AG'), and the Arizona Department of Homeland Security ('ADHS').

In addition, HB 2146 states that the notification should be made in writing, in a form prescribed by rule or order of the AG or the director of the ADHS. Furthermore, HB 2146 provides that in the absence of a common form developed by the AG or the ADHS nothing shall prohibit a person from submitting the same notification to the AG and the ADHS to meet these requirements.

You can read HB 2146 here and view its history here.