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Argentina: Government announces project to amend data protection law

The Argentinian Government announced, on 3 August 2022 , that a public debate will be opened with public bodies, civil society organisations, universities, and the private sector to begin the process of amending the Personal Data Protection Act, Act No. 25.326 of 2000. Moreover, the Argentinian Government detailed that the goal is to draft a project for a new data protection law that will respond to the new challenges imposed by technological transformations and the development of the digital economy and, at the same time, will be harmonious with the highest regional and international standards, from a human rights approach, with a situated and sovereign perspective.

Lastly, the Argentinian Government stated that the public consultation process will begin in September 2022.

You can read the press release here.

(UPDATE) 17 August 2022

Government announces that discussions have began to amend data protection law

The Government announced, on 10 August 2022, that the roundtable discussions have began on the amendment of the Personal Data Protection Act, Act No. 25.326 of 2000. In particular, the Government outlined the main points to be taken into account for updating the regulations and the deadlines for the debate process. 

Moreover, the Government highlighted that the organisations and leaders of the academic field present shared a joint document with different guidelines and proposals for the reform of the Act.

You can read the press releases here, here, and here, all only avaliable in Spanish.