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Argentina: AAIP provides guidance on National Do Not Call Registry

On May 24, 2024, the Argentinian data protection authority (AAIP) provided guidance and advice to companies and the public on the National Do Not Call Registry (the DNC Registry). The AAIP reminded the public that the objective of the DNC Registry is to protect users of telephone services, in any form, from abuse during communication, advertising, offer, sale, and/or gift of unsolicited goods or services. Therefore, advertising and marketing companies were also reminded of the procedures they must follow to ensure compliance with the DNC Registry Law No. 26,951 (Law No. 26,951).

What reminders and guidance were provided by the AAIP?

Businesses were reminded of the following responsibilities regarding the DNC Registry:

  • request access to the AAIP's automated query system that allows them to identify people who do not want to receive advertising communications;
  • corroborate registered telephone numbers with the contact information they have to verify that the data subject had exercised their right to stop receiving advertising messages or calls on their landline or mobile phone; and
  • register their databases in the AAIP National Registry of Personal Databases, in accordance with AAIP Resolution 132/2018. They must also indicate the purpose of the use of the database and the contact of the company or entity responsible.

Furthermore, citizens were also reminded of their right to request a stop to receive advertising messages or phone calls, as well as the procedures to do so.

In addition, the AAIP provided information on the newly enforced Resolution 126/2024 which modifies internal processes regarding the management and monitoring of complaints received for non-compliance with Law No. 26,951.

You can read the press release, only available in Spanish, here.