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Albania: IDP publishes findings on the knowledge of public authorities regarding the right to personal data protection

The Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner ('IDP') published, on 16 May 2022, during its meeting with representatives and officers of independent and local self-government institutions, the results of the questionnaire on assessing the knowledge of public authorities regarding the right to personal data protection. In particular, the IDP noted that this is following the IDP's plans for reform in data protection regime as announced on international data protection day. Moreover, the IDP clarified that the questionnaire aimed to assess the public administration's knowledge about law on the protection of personal data, its criteria, and norms for their legal processing.

Furthermore, the IDP noted that the results obtained from the questionnaire enabled the IDP to assess the level of recognition by public sector officials on the obligations in the field of protection of personal data, as well as to identify the most important issues, by decomposing the needs for professional development and further training of employees of these institutions. In addition, the results, as presented by the Director of the General Directorate for Personal Data Protection, Mrs. Pjerina Gaxha, highlighted that the level of knowledge of the legislation was inadequate and increased attention is required for professional growth through continuous training, as well as the introduction of data protection officers ('DPO'), whom will have a specific role within the structure of public authorities or private entities that collect and process data, alongside the introduction of new legislation.

You can read the press release here and the findings of the questionnaire here, both only available in Albanian.