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Alabama: Bill for Consumer Privacy Act introduced in House of Representatives

House of Representative Bill ('HB') 216 for the Alabama Consumer Privacy Act was introduced, on 2 February 2021, to the Alabama House of Representatives. In particular, the bill would provide for consumer rights such as the right to access, correct, and delete certain personal data, as well as the right to opt out of the collection and use of personal data for certain purposes. Moreover, the bill would, among other things:

  • establish the consumers rights of opt in or out to sale of personal information;
  • require business collecting data to make disclosures, violation or deletion;
  • prohibit a business from retaliating against a consumer for making a request for disclosure or for opting out;
  • require a business or person that suffers a breach of security of data that includes personal consumer information to disclose that breach;
  • prohibit a business from selling the personal information of a consumer under 18 years of age; and
  • provide for enforcement by the Attorney General.

The bill, with the exception of Section 14, will become effective on 1 October 2022 if passed and signed by the Governor.

You can track the bill here and read the bill here.