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Afghanistan: FinTRACA announces launch of national AML/CTF assessment

The Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre of Afghanistan ('FinTRACA') announced, on 20 December 2017, that it had initiated a national anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing ('AML/CTF') risk assessment ('the Assessment') in order to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities confronting the country and to serve as the basis for the effective implementation of an AML/CTF regime.

The Assessment is based on recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force, which stated that 'countries should identify, assess and understand the AML/CTF risks for the country, and should take action, including designating an authority or mechanism to coordinate actions to assess risks, and apply resources, aimed at ensuring the risks are mitigated effectively." FinTRACA will coordinate the Assessment with support from the World Bank, and has set up threat, vulnerability and banking sector working groups, among others, which will be carried out by 45 members from 17 public and private sector agencies.

You can read the press release here.