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Yunnan: Communications Administration investigates illegal collection and use of personal data by apps

The Cyberspace Administration of China ('CAC') announced, on 22 September 2022, that the Yunnan Provincial Communications Administration had begun interviewing app operators in response to a notification on the illegal collection and use of personal information. In particular, the CAC noted that the Communications Administration will:

  • point out the main violations of the app and order the apps operating unit to rectify the violation within a time limit;
  • publicise and implement the relevant laws and regulations on personal information protection, requiring the operating unit to strengthen and operate in accordance with laws and regulations;
  • interpret the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's ('MIIT') relevant procedures and regulations for rectification, notification, removal, and re-listing;
  • point out the risks of non-compliance and warnings, to ensure the safety of users' personal information and data; and 
  • emphasise sustainable, safe, and compliant development.

In terms of next steps, the CAC explained that the Communications Administration will continue to carry out special governance work on apps that violate the legitimate rights and interests of users, including the illegal collection and use of personal information by apps, unreasonable collection and use of personal information, and excessive requests for permissions, among other things.

You can read the press release, only available in Chinese, here.