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Virginia: Delegate introduces privacy bill to House of Delegates

U.S. Delegate Mark D. Sickles introduced, on 3 January 2020, the bill for the Virginia Privacy Act (HB 473) ('the Bill') to the Virginia House of Delegates. In particular, the Bill gives consumers the right to access their data, and to determine if it has been sold to a data broker. In addition, the Bill facilitates requests to exercise consumers rights regarding profiling, access, correction, deletion, objection to and restriction of data processing. Moreover, the Bill provides controllers with transparency and accountability responsibilities for the processing of personal data by making available a clear and meaningful privacy notice that includes, among other things, the categories of personal data collected by the data controller, the purpose for which such data are being used or disclosed to third parties, and the rights that consumers may exercise. In addition, the Bill establishes the obligation for data controllers to conduct risk assessments on their activities.

The Bill, if approved, would apply to any legal entity that controls or processes the data of over 100,000 Virginia consumers or which controls or processes personal data of not fewer than 25,000 Virginia customers and derives 50% of its revenue from the sale of personal information.

You can read the Bill here and track its progress here.

UPDATE (31 January 2020)

The Bill died, on 27 January 2020, in the Virginia Committee on Communications, Technology and Innovation ('the Committee'). In addition, the Bill was continued to 2021 in the Committee by voice vote. 

You can track the Bill's progress here