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UK: DCMS publishes policy paper on Mission One of National Data Strategy

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport ('DCMS') published, on 24 November 2021, a policy paper on mission one of the National Data Strategy, which aims to unlock the value of data across the economy. In particular, the paper proposes certain principles of interventions, constituting a set of principles that the government will use to guide interventions seeking to unlock data across the economy, to ensure they employ the most effective approach to deliver public benefit and priority areas for action to address some of the key barriers to data sharing for public benefit. Specifically, the priorities set out in the paper include:

  • Promoting the development and use of good data standards so that data is held, processed, and shared according to the FAIR Principles. In that respect, the paper outlines ways to support this priority, including the development of the Artificial Intelligence Assurance Ecosystem Roadmap by the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.
  • Encouraging the development and uptake of Privacy Enhancing Technologies ('PETs'). Notably, the paper highlights that PETs offer novel solutions to use data whilst maintaining the confidentiality of personal or other kinds of sensitive characteristics in that data, and outlines ways to support this objective, including working with the Information Commissioner's Office, which is updating its guidance on anonymisation and pseudonymisation, building on the existing data sharing code of practice, to explore the role that PETs might play in enabling safe and lawful data sharing.
  • Supporting the development of a thriving intermediary ecosystem that enables responsible data sharing.

You can read the press release here and the paper here.