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UK: CDEI publishes second edition of AI Barometer 2021

The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation ('CDEI') published, on 17 December 2021, the second edition of its AI Barometer, a major analysis of the most pressing opportunities, risks, and governance challenges associated with artificial intelligence ('AI') and data use in the UK. In particular, the edition builds on the first AI Barometer and looks into three further sectors, including recruitment and workforce management, education, and transport and logistics, which have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the second edition outlines the potential for data and AI to be harnessed to increase energy efficiency and drive down carbon emissions, improve fairness in recruitment and management contexts, and enable scalable high quality and personalised education. In addition, the second edition outlines key risks associated with AI and data use, including bias in algorithmic decision-making, low accuracy of data-driven tools, the failure of consent mechanisms to give people meaningful control over their data, as well as a lack of transparency around how AI and data is used. Furthermore, the edition sets out barriers to responsible innovation, including unclear governance, and notes that, navigating the complex regulatory landscape, which includes data protection, equalities and human rights laws, and specific codes of practice and case law, is a significant challenge for developers and users, as well as data subjects.

You can read the press release and access all parts of the second edition here.