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Spain: Ministry announces that RadarCOVID passed the test phase

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation ('the Ministry') announced, on 3 August 2020, in a statement ('the Statement') that the COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') tracing app ('RadarCOVID') has succesfully passed the trial period, meeting all the objectives set.

In particular, the Ministry stated that RadarCOVID follows high technical standards and respects the privacy of users in compliance with all the recommendations made by the European Commission in this regard. In addition, the Ministry highlighted that app users cannot be identified or located by other users and that the data is stored in a decentral manner. Furthermore, the Ministry detailed that RadarCOVID uses the end device's Bluetooth connection, through which mobile phones emit and observe anonymous identifiers of other phones which change periodically. Moreover, the Ministry held that both the use of RadarCOVID and the communication of a possible infection will always be voluntary.

Finally, the Ministry stated that the next step would be to make RadarCOVID available for the health sector and autonomous communities, and announced that a first functional version of the tool could be ready to be launched in mid-August.

You can read the Statement, only available in Spanish, here.