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Singapore: MCI and PDPC launch online public consultation on draft Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2020

The Ministry of Communications and Information ('MCI') and the Personal Data Protection Commission ('PDPC') released, on 14 May 2020, a joint statement announcing that they had launched an online public consultation on a bill ('the Bill') to amend the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) ('PDPA') and the Spam Control Act 2007 ('SCA'). In particular, the Bill would introduce new accountability practices for organisations, enable meaningful consent where necessary, provide consumers with greater autonomy over their personal data through the incorporation of a data portability obligation, as well as strengthen the enforcement powers of the Personal Data Protection Committee through increased financial penalties, among other things. 

Comments can be submitted to [email protected] by 28 May 2020.

You can read the press releases here and here, download the Bill here, and the public consultation document here.