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Russia: Duma announces bill imposing penalties for online prohibited content

The Russian State Parliament ('Duma') announced, on 16 July 2020, that a bill amending the Code of Admnistrative Offenses of the Russian Federation ('the Bill') was introduced to the lower house. In particular, the Bill established liability for violation of the procedure for deletion and/or restriction of access to information, information resources, access to which is subject to restriction in accordance with legislation on information, information technologies, and information protection. In addition, under the Bill, hosting providers, website owners, and information resources on the internet will be obliged to takes measures to restrict access or delete prohibited information, including calls for extremism, pornographic images of minors, or information on narcotic substances. Furthermore, the Bill would impose several fines applicable to citizens, officials, and legal entities, which can amount to RUB 15 million (approx. €184,600) for repeated violations of legal entities. 

You can read the press release here, download the Bill and track its progress here, both only available in Russian.