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Rhineland-Palatinate: LfDI Rheinland-Pfalz calls for law to ensure that data collected for Coronavirus contact tracing is not used for inappropriate purposes

 The Rhineland-Palatinate data protection authority ('LfDI Rheinland-Pfalz') issued, on 6 August 2020, a statement ('the Statement') calling for a law ('the Law') to ensure that data collected for COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') contact tracing when visiting restaurants, hairdressers, or games libraries is not used for inappropriate purposes. In particular, the LfDI Rheinland-Pfalz highlighted that not only does the contact tracing data collection allow conclusions to be drawn about the leisure time and consumer behavior of visitors and customers, the lists have recently come under fire due to isolated access by the police authorities. The Law would include purpose limitation regulations, use bans, and special rules for criminal prosecution, which can only access the contact data collected for the purpose of infection protection in the event of serious criminal offenses and under the condition of procedural guarantees, such as judicial decisions. Finally, the LfDI Rheinland-Pfalz stated that legal security and the protection of liberty are fundamental requirements of an accepted and thus successful infection protection. 

You can read the Statement, only available in German, here.