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North Rhine-Westphalia: Düsseldorf OLG issues injunction against Facebook

The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court ('Düsseldorf OLG') published, on 7 January 2020, the decision ('the Decision') on an appealed injunction order ('the Order') issued in German against Facebook, Inc., on 18 December 2019, prohibiting Facebook from blocking the claimant's account because of a disputed post on the website. In particular, the Decision states that Facebook had appealed the Order, stating that it could not understand the content and would need an English translation. Furthermore, the Decision states that Facebook cannot insist on an English translation of German legal documents in case of a legal dispute with a German user, detailing that Facebook translated the platform fully into the German language for its many German users. Moreover, the OLG decided that Facebook must compensate the claimants costs of €730.

You can read the press release here and the Decision here, both only available in German.