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New Zealand: Government issues identification management standards

The Government of New Zealand published, on 11 June 2021, a set of identification management standards, as part of its project. In particular, the standards aim to provide best practices for preventing identity theft, fraud, and loss of privacy. In this regard, the standards cover four aspects of identification management:

  • information assurance: controls to ensure information collected is suitable for accurate decisions to be made regarding the eligibility or capability of an individual;
  • binding assurance: controls to ensure an individual is appropriately bound to their information and to an authenticator in order to prevent identity theft;
  • authentication assurance: controls to ensure authenticators are controlled by the authorised holder; and
  • federation assurance: controls for parties that provide credentials on which others rely.

Notably, the standards are targeted towards government organisations, but can also be applied by the private sector.

You can read the press release here and access the standards here.