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New York: Law on biometric technology in schools signed into law

Senate Bill ('SB') 5140B for An Act to Amend the Education Law, in relation to the Use of Biometric Identifying Technology was signed, on 22 December 2020, by the Governor of New York. In particular, the bill amends New York's education law on the use of biometric identifying technology in schools by prohibiting the use of such technology until 1 July 2022 unless the Commissioner of Education ('the Commissioner') conducts a study and issues a report in order to create a comprehensive statewide regulatory system governing the use of such technology. Specifically, the bill notes that the Commissioner's study and report must consider, among other things, the appropriateness of such technology, what restrictions and guidelines should be enacted, and the implications of collecting, storing, and/or sharing such biometric information. In addition, the bill provides for definitions of biometric identifying technology and biometric information.

You can read the bill here and view its history here.