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Ireland: HSE issues DPIA for Covid Tracker App

The Department of Health and the Health Service Executive ('HSE') issued, on 26 June 2020, the Data Protection Impact Assessment ('DPIA') for the Covid Tracker App for Ireland ('the App') for controlling the spread of COVID-19 ('Coronavirus'). In particular, the HSE noted that the App will record whether a user is in close contact with another user by exchanging anonymous codes that are held on the users' phones, and that people who test positive for Coronavirus will be able to choose if they want to anonymously alert other App users who they have been in close contact with. In addition, the HSE highlighted that the App will augment the existing testing and tracing operation and enable the notification of close contacts who are unknown to each other. Moreover, the HSE outlined that the App will also allow the user to anonymously record information about their symptoms daily, and that, in accordance with data protection laws, the processing of data will be limited to this stated purpose. Furthermore, the HSE stipulated that all personal data that is processed must be minimised, users can choose to delete the App at any time and have full control over what information they share through the App, and that a governance commitment is in place to dismantle the operation of the App once the Coronavirus crisis is over.

You can read the press release here and access the DPIA here.