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France: CNIL confirms Google's compliance with injunction following €100M fine

The French data protection authority ('CNIL') issued, on 30 April 2021, a decision to close the injunction against Google LLC and Google Ireland Limited, following its decision of 7 December 2020 in which it decided to impose two fines totalling €100 million against Google for cookie-related violations, as well as corrective measures to bring Google into compliance with the applicable rules within three months. In particular, CNIL outlined that, following the first decision, Google Ireland had sent a letter to CNIL in which it presented the changes it planned to deploy on the website by the end of February 2021 and that, on 30 March 2021, within the time limit set by the decision, it had sent CNIL evidence of the deployed changes.

The decision outlined that CNIL found that the measures deployed by Google satisfy the requirements of the injunction, specifying that individuals visiting the site are now clearly and completely informed of all the purposes of cookies subject to consent and the means available to them to refuse them, through the information banner displayed on their arrival on the site.

However, CNIL also clarified that this decision does not affect any assessment of Google's compliance with CNIL's final recommendations and guidelines on cookies, which entered into effect following the time period for Google to adopt the corrective measures, on 31 March 2021.

You can read the press release here and the decision here, both only available in French.