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France: CNIL announces permission to evaluate Health Data Hub pseudonymisation measures

The French data protection authority ('CNIL') announced, on 19 June 2020, that the Conseil d'Etat had allowed it to evaluate the strength of the pseudonymisation measures used to protect personal data included in the Health Data Hub, the system mandated to store and make available to researchers the data necessary for their studies. In particular, CNIL outlined that, within an ordinance issued on the same date, the Conseil d'Etat had ordered the Health Data Hub to submit to CNIL all elements regarding pseudonymisation measures, rejecting the Health Data Hub's appeal against the same. More specifically, CNIL will be able to verify if the technology ensured adequate protection for personal data concerned and did not allow the reidentification of data subjects. In addition, CNIL highlighted that the Conseil d'Etat had asked the Health Data Hub to complete the information on its website. 

You can read the press release, only available in French, here.