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EU: Parliament releases paper on AI diplomacy

The European Parliament released, on 21 June 2021, a paper on artificial intelligence ('AI') diplomacy provided by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific, and Quality of Life Policies. In particular, the paper provides an overview of AI and Europe's current capabilities on the same, as well as AI's possible impact on geopolitics and the global balance of power, among other things.

More specifically, the paper outlines the following as areas in which AI may change the international balance of power:

  • the role of AI in Sino-American competition;
  • the use of AI for authoritarian control and weakening of democracy;
  • AI nationalism;
  • the contribution of AI to the rise in power of the private sector versus the state;
  • the impact of AI on military power and the defence sector; and
  • the possibility of the development of Artificial General Intelligence.

To this end, the paper details recommendations for the EU to address geopolitical AI challenges including the development of trustworthy or ethical AI; working closely with the US on AI while avoiding placement of US-European cooperation on AI in the context of the US-China competition; and the creation of a European Security Commission on AI that would engage with the challenges and benefits that AI can bring for European security and defence.

You can read the paper here.