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District of Columbia: AG introduces bill to stop discrimination through algorithms and automated decisions

Attorney General ('AG') Karl A. Racine, announced, on 9 December 2021, that he had introduced a bill for the Stop Discrimination by Algorithms Act of 2021. In particular, the AG noted that the bill would, among other things, hold businesses accountable for preventing biases in their automated decision-making algorithms and require them to report and correct any bias that is detected. Furthermore, the AG stated that the bill would increase transparency by requiring companies to inform consumers about what personal information they collect and how that information is used to make decisions. More specifically, the AG outlined that the bill would focus on four key areas of individuals' lives in order to make it illegal for businesses and organisations to use discriminatory algorithms, namely with respect to education, employment, housing, and public accommodations and services including credit, healthcare, and insurance.

The bill also addresses relationships with services providers, outlines exemptions, would provide consumers with a right to notice and disclosure of such practices, details auditing requirements, and outlines enforcement by the AG.

You can read the press release here and the bill here.