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Czechia: NÚKIB submits amended cybersecurity bill to legislative council

On May 28, 2024, the National Office for Cyber ​​and Information Security (NÚKIB) announced that it had submitted an amended version of the draft law on cybersecurity to the legislative council of the government which incorporates their comments on the initial draft law submitted on December 22, 2023.   

What are some key amendments to the bill?

The NÚKIB noted that the content of the bill remains largely unchanged, however part of the text of the bill includes changes, such as:

  • amendments to some defined terms;
  • determination of the authority to issue decrees to the law; and
  • simplification of the process of self-identification and registration of the regulated service.

Notably, an amendment affecting the content of the bill is making NÚKIB the authority deciding on the temporary ban on the performance of the function of a member of the statutory body at the provider in the regime of higher duties, instead of the court, as in the initial bill.

You can read the press release here and the amended bill here, both only available in Czech.