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Colorado: AG provides updates on CPA regulations

The Colorado Attorney General ('AG') issued, on 28 January 2022, a statement on his office's work in data privacy and data security. In particular, with respect to the Colorado Privacy Act ('CPA'), the AG noted that it sets forth broad rights for consumers and authorises the Department of Law to engage in rulemaking and enforcement. As such, the AG highlighted the importance and complexity of the rulemaking detailing a two-step process for rulemaking. Specifically, the AG will first solicit feedback from individuals and businesses through a series of high-level conversations at meetings and town halls. Moreover, the AG's office will then post a formal Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which will include a proposed set of model rules whereby they will solicit verbal and written comments from stakeholders and interested persons across Colorado.

Additionally, the AG outlined that they expect to be in a position to adopt final rules a year from now. 

You can read the statement here