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China: Provincial People's Congress approves Big Data Development Regulations

The Fushun Municipal People's Government announced, on 31 May 2022, that the 34th Standing Committee of the 13th Liaoning Provincial People's Congress had approved the Liaoning Province Big Data Development Regulations. In particular, the Regulations define public data as data obtained by public management and service agencies in the process of performing public services in accordance with the law, and Big Data as, among other things, data with large capacity, fast access speed, high application value, and potential for new capabilities. Notably, the Regulations specify that public data must be desensitised to protect personal information and privacy, and must only be used to perform public management duties or provide public services.

On the other hand, the Regulations provide for data security requirements, outlining that the unit responsible for data security must establish a data security protection system. More specifically, the Regulations note that security measures must be implemented in the process of data collection and aggregation, alongside selecting storage carriers whose security performance and protection matches the importance of the applicable data.

In addition, the Regulations detail that units responsible for data security must, among other things, formulate data security emergency plans, regularly organise data security risk assessments, and take appropriate emergency response measures in the event of a data security incident. Furthermore, the Regulations add that applicable national security regulations also apply, including reporting to the relevant authority following a data security incident, and the backup of public data.

The Regulations come into effect on 1 August 2022.

You can read the announcement, only available in Chinese, here.