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China: CAC issues provisions on Information Services for Mobile Apps

The Cyberspace Administration of China ('CAC') issued, on 14 June 2022, the Provisions on the Administration of Information Services for Mobile Internet Applications. In particular, the CAC highlighted the Provisions application to software which runs on mobile intelligent terminals to provide users with information services, defining providers of such services as the owner or operator of mobile application programs. Furthermore, the Provisions outline that app information services include, among other things, activities providing users with text, picture, voice, video, instant messaging, and e-commerce.

More specifically, the Provisions establish that app providers must conduct real identity authentication checks based on phone numbers, ID, or social credit codes before providing users with information services. Likewise, the Provisions provide that that where app providers discover security defects and vulnerabilities, they must immediately take remedial measures and notify users and the relevant authorities.

In addition, the Provisions note that users of app information services must not be forced to agree to the processing of personal information, and shall not be refused access to services in the event they do not agree to provide non-essential personal information. Equally, the Provisions clarify that app providers must publish and disclose management rules, in line with relevant laws, and by signing management agreements with registered users on their rights and obligations.

You can read the Provisions, only available in Chinese, here.