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Canada: IAB releases guide for understanding bias in AI for marketing

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada ('IAB') released, on 24 November 2021, a guide on Understanding Bias in AI for Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Negative Consequences with Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the IAB stated that the guide provides an excellent starting point for companies to develop frameworks for better artificial intelligence ('AI') solutions. As such, the guide:

  • highlights key considerations to understanding bias in AI;
  • suggests that companies should be aware of all types of bias that can be introduced at any point in the process or in the outcome of the algorithm, and evaluate the relevance of each bias to their business, determine their risk tolerances, and establish a plan to mitigate each bias;
  • explores the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders: requestors, builders, end-users, compliance and legal teams, and consumers; and
  • explains key stages in AI development, namely:
    • awareness and discovery;
    • exploration, solutions, and design;
    • development, tuning, and testing; and
    • activation, optimisation, and remediation.

You can read the press release here and the guide here.