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Brazil: Public Prosecutor's Office fines Claro BRL 10M for breaching telemarketing block

The State of Minas Gerais' Public Prosecutor's Office ('MP/MG') announced, on 15 September 2021, that it had fined the telecommunication group, Claro S.A. BRL 10,702,464 (approx. €1,713,000) for non-compliance with the telemarketing block established by State Law No. 19,095/2010 regulated by State Decree No. 46587/2014 and by Resolution PGJ No. 83/14. According to MP/MG, the administrative proceeding against Claro was filed based on a consumer's complaint who was receiving telephone contacts offering TV and internet services after opting-out their telephone and mobile numbers for telemarketing contacts. In particular, after receiving the fine, Claro complained to MP/MG requesting the termination the fine applied, mentioning that it had previously made an extrajudicial agreement between Claro and the consumer on this issue. However, according to the MP/MG, Claro would still receive the fine, as Claro only stopped the illegal conduct after the notification, as well as the MP/MG noting that the matter is of also public interest, considering that another 51 consumers made similar complaints.

You can read the press release, only available in Portuguese, here