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Brazil: President of Brazil appoints CNPD's board members and their surrogates

The President of the Republic of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, appointed, on 9 August 2021, the effective and alternate board members to compose the National Council for the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy ('CNPD') of the Brazilian data protection authority ('ANPD'). In particular, and through a Decree published in the Official Gazette on 10 August 2021, the appointment of the board members and their surrogates respectively are: 

  • Representatives of the Federal Executive Power:
    • Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic: Jonathas Assunção Salvador Nery de Castro and Renato David Clack de Aquino;
    • Ministry of Justice and Public Security: Rodrigo Lange and Leonardo Garcia Greco;
    • Ministry of Economy: Marcelo de Lima e Souza and Marta Juvina de Medeiros;
    • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation: Marcos Cesar de Oliveira Pinto and Fernando Anronio Rodrigues Dias; and
    • Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic: Adriano de Souza Azevedo and José Placido Matias dos Santos;
  • Representatives of the other public powers, organs or institutions:
    • Federal Senate: Fabricio da Mota Alvez and Gustavo Sabioa Vieira;
    • House of representatives: Danilo Cesar Maganhoto Doneda and Fernando Antonio Santiago Junior;
    • National Council of Justice: Henrique de Almeida Avila and Valter Shuenquener de Araújo;
    • National Council of the Public Ministry: Marcelo Weitzel Rabello de Souza and Silvio Roberto de Amorim Junior; and
    • Internet Steering Committee in Brazil: Marcio Nobre Migon and Hartmut Richard Glaser;
  • Representative of Civil Society Organisations:
    • Rodrigo Badaró Almeida de Castro and Fabro Boaz Steibel;
    • Bruno Ricardo Bioni and Maria Lumena Balaben Sampaio; and
    • Michelle Nogbueira Lima and Davis Souza Alves;
  • Representative of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions:
    • Laura Schertel Ferreira Mendes and Ana Carla Bliacheriene;
    • Fabio Menke and Leonardo Netto Parentoni; and
    • Claudio Lucena Neto and Caitlin Sampaio Mulhollans;
  • Representatives of Union Confederations of the Economic Categories of the Productive Sector:
    • Natasha Torres Gil Nunes and Franscisco Soares Campelo Filho;
    • Cássio Augusto Muniz Briges and Marcos Vinicius Barros Ottoni; and
    • Flávio Boson Gambogi and Táis Carvalho Serralva;
  • Representatives of entities of the business sector related to personal data processing:
    • Ana Paula Martins Bialer and Vitor Morais de Andrade; and
    • Annette Martinelli de Mattos Pereira and Fabio Augusto Andrade;
  • Representatives of entities of the labour sector:
    • Patricia Peck Garrido Pinheiro and Claudio Eduardo Lobato Abreu Rocha; and
    • Deborah Sirotheau Siqueira Rodrigues and Emerson Rocha.

You can read the press release here and the Decree here, both only available in Portuguese.