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Brazil: Commission publishes report on AI bill

On June 7, 2024, the Temporary Commission for Artificial Intelligence in Brazil (the Commission) released its report analyzing current related artificial intelligence (AI) bills and their amendments, and proposed a consolidated text for Bill No. 2338/2023 on the use of artificial intelligence.


The Commission noted that the bills are mostly aligned in relation to prescribed principles for AI development. Namely, the bills require that AI be transparent, safe, trustworthy, ethical, and non-discriminative.


The Commission also reported that most AI bills follow a similar pattern, including:

  • having a rights-based approach;
  • having risk-based regulation;
  • requiring a previous risk analysis;
  • defining high and excessive-risk AI systems;
  • establishing an algorithmic impact analysis; and
  • imposing administrative sanctions.


Following its analysis of the bill and its amendments, the Commission voted in favor of the passage of the bill and some of its proposed amendments.

You can read the report here, the bill here, and track its progress here, all only available in Portuguese.