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Brazil: ANPD proposes amendments to AI bill

On May 8, 2024, the Brazilian data protection authority (ANPD) published its proposal for amendments to Bill No. 2338/2023 on the use of artificial intelligence.

What are the main amendments proposed by the ANPD?

The ANPD proposed to replace the types of artificial intelligence (AI) systems with just 'general purpose AI system,' defined as an AI system based on an AI model trained with large-scale databases, capable of an ample variety of different tasks and of serving different purposes, including those for which it was not specifically designed or trained, and that may be used in different systems or applications.

Other proposed amendments include:

  • including functional and administrative independence mechanisms for the enforcement authority under the bill;
  • modifications to the definition of 'AI regulatory sandbox;'
  • specifications of the human intervention of AI systems, including that people responsible for human supervision may opt for not using the high-risk AI system or ignore, annul, or revert its result;
  • include daily fines as a penalty under the bill; and
  • amendments to make the text clearer and more concise.

You can read the press release here and the proposal here, both only available in Portuguese.