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Brandenburg: Brandenburg LDA presents 2022 activity report

The State Commissioner for Data Protection and Access to Information Brandenburg ('Brandenburg LDA') announced, on 17 April 2023, that it had presented its 2022 annual activity report to the President of the Brandenburg State Parliament. In particular, the report outlines that, in the reporting period, the Brandenburg LDA received 1,379 complaints and 451 data breach notifications, and imposed 13 fines, totalling almost €123,000.

Notably, the report specifies that, in 2022, a large number of users had complained about the design of the cookie banners, lamenting insufficient selection options for setting preferences or the lack of transparency in data processing. In this regard, the report provides that the Brandenburg LDA, considering the complexity of the issue in terms of data protection law and the legal uncertainty that has prevailed in recent years, decided to intervene by providing information and recommendations. However, the report highlights that, going forward, the Brandenburg LDA does not exclude the possibility of enforcing compliance by means of orders, prohibitions, or fines.

You can read the press release here and the report here, both only available in German.