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Belgium: DPA publishes 2023 annual report

On June 20, 2024, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (Belgian DPA) published its 2023 annual report, covering its 2023 priorities and notable decisions.

The Belgian DPA highlighted its 2023 priorities which included cookies, as well as its cookie checklist. Another notable subject for the Belgian DPA in 2023 was the data protection officer (DPO) and the launch of a dedicated event, the DPODay. Artificial intelligence (AI) was another theme of interest, and the Belgian DPA highlighted its view on AI and data protection.

The Belgian DPA also noted it received 694 complaints, representing a 15% increase from 2022, and 214 mediation requests. Most complaints were about direct marketing, the use of photos and videos, cookies, and social media.

Moreover, the Belgian DPA received 1,292 data breach notifications, a 9% decrease from 2022, most of which were caused by human error. The Belgian DPA launched 86 investigations and received 611 requests for legislative opinions.

Finally, the report also contains notable decisions adopted by the Belgian DPA during 2023.

You can read the press release in French here and in Dutch here, and read the report in French here and in Dutch here.