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Bavaria: BayLDA publishes AI flyer and checklist

On January 24, 2024, the Data Protection Authority of Bavaria for the Private Sector (BayLDA) announced that it published a flyer entitled 'Next-Level Building Blocks for AI' and the draft 'Data Protection and AI' checklist on its website.

AI flyer

In particular, the BayLDA stated that the AI flyer contains eight central points in the area of ​​data protection and artificial intelligence (AI).

AI checklist

The AI checklist contains, among other things, the requirements for the development and use of applications in the AI category. The checklist is dedicated to the question of which data protection requirements can be of central importance when using AI, and is divided into four categories, namely:

  • classification;
  • training of AI models;
  • assessing risks in AI; and
  • use of an AI application. 

The BayLDA stated that the AI checklist will be updated in the near future and subjected to practical suitability in specific test scenarios and requested public comments or suggestions for improvement. The BayLDA further noted that it will regularly adapt the checklist to developments at German and European levels with the aim of harmonizing data protection regulations.

Public comments on the checklist can be submitted via [email protected].

You can read the press release here, the flyer here, and the AI checklist here, all only available in German.