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Argentina: Resolution on WorldCoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity introduced to Chamber of Deputies

On May 17, 2024, Deputies File 2385-D-2024 relating to the Resolution requesting reports from the executive branch on activities of the WorldCoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity was introduced to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies. In particular, the resolution seeks a report from the Ministry of National Security on the companies' activities that involve the obtaining of biometric data of Argentine residents using iris scanning. Furthermore, the Resolution requests the following information:

  • measures taken to prevent the activities of the companies in the Argentinean territory;
  • if the security forces under the Ministry have intervened in administrative or judicial proceedings related to the activities mentioned above;
  • if so, information on the results obtained; and
  • if investigations related to the activities of the companies and their intermediaries that operate as 'digital pointers' have been judicialized, in which case information on the cases originated, prosecutors or courts involved, number of files and/or cases, etc.

You can read the resolution, only available in Spanish, here.